IPTV German-Turkisch Support / Movie Upload

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by HaLiBo1984, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. HaLiBo1984

    HaLiBo1984 VIP Reseller DE/TR/EN

    Hello Iptv Team, I'm from Germany and of course I'm a reseller.
    In addition, I have my own web space where I upload my HD FILMS in German. Of course, I want everyone to be able to watch these movies. Who invites the German Movies (VOD)

    I can speak very good german and turkish if help with support is needed i will make myself available.

    Can also help with Android Boxing APPS.

    Yours sincerely Halibo
  2. Gesra62

    Gesra62 VIP Reseller

    Hello if you want that your movies will go online send me a contact email!
  3. HaLiBo1984

    HaLiBo1984 VIP Reseller DE/TR/EN

    Ok im send you with a Private message.
  4. ibrahim

    ibrahim New Member

    I can also help if you are interested just send pm
  5. Mirac

    Mirac New Member

    Is this still active?
    I have lot Anime in German. How can I add these?