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    I bought a month subscription and have been using iptvforest service since 1 week ago, although a very short period, i just want to share my AWFUL experience with this service so far, with this post!

    As with many, so-called "IPTV providers" available these days on the Internet, the number of channels in their offer is huge, with lots of variety, from many different countries, BUT with lots of troubles and technical issues too, for most of the time, for which many users are very aware, probably:

    1) Most of the time, lots of their channels are mixed up, their playlist is a mess,and it's seems like they are not aware of this, or to be more precise, they just don't care ! For example- instead of Animal Planet BG- the Bulgarian version, it is usually playing version from another country, say Russia, with Russian audio synchronization= WRONG CHANNEL!

    2) Many sport channels have frequent technical issues,on a daily basis, for example- all Eurosport versions (both 1&2), no matter the resolution or country region(Polish, Swedish, German, Bulgarian, UK etc...) are often affected -glitchy picture, constant frame loss that gives the feeling like a slow motion, freezing and buffering galore, and all of these issues are prevalent not only when there are live events going -during peak hours, they are present for most of the time, unfortunately!

    3) Resolution of the channel in the name/labels of the channels in the playlist is misleading - most of the FHD channels are far from FHD, they are only HD version 1280x720 ,if you are lucky, lots of the FHD labeled ones are even SD resolution, with so much compression and very low bitrate, i mean, FHD channel with only 2-3 Mb/s, h264 encoding, really ???????!!!!!!!! FHD channels should be on average ~8 Mb/s! Yes, many IPTV providers use lower quality transcoding to preserve some bandwidth, but that can't be excuse for most of the FHD channels being just SD versions, most of the time ! Those that are interested to check the bitrate of particular channel ,for comparison, can use this handy website bellow, for such purposes, for example, check the bitrate of Eurosport 2 HD(UK version), and many more

    4) Technical support is slow, NON-EXSISTENT for most of the time, they rarely respond to any inquiries sent via and with a WE DON"T GIVE A F_CK attitude !!!

    Although via the client dashboard every customer has an option to report technical issues for any channel in their offer, usually, after you report some channel, after some time MAYBE your troubled channel will get a status FIXED, BUT, actually nothing has been changed in reality !!

    It is just fixed on paper and their web dashboard is just reporting it as such!

    They are just playing tricks with their customers and treat them like fools and retards!

    Often, you will have to report the same channel over and over again, just to get satisfactory results !
    Even if the channel gets fixed momentarily, for today, still there is a big probability that you will have to report it again tomorrow,since the service is so unreliable and we are going in circles with endless technical reports.
    I DON'T HAVE WHOLE DAY FOR REPORTS i bought the subscription to watch some TV channels, not to become technical secretary during the subscription period!!

    Because of all of the above mentioned troubles and technical issues explained above (for which they are aware!), and since their service is so unreliable they don't accept PAYPAL as a payment, otherwise, with the PayPal Dispute Resolution i will burn this FOREST and afterwards will piss on their ashes!

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    spread the truth BUMP!
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    Its IPTV......not fully legal and cheap as fuck. Are you expecting Sky fucking tv (and its support) for a few euro a month? Cop on ya clown
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    spread the truth BUMP!
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    spread the truth BUMP!
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    spread the truth BUMP!